Thursday, October 11, 2012

What if you are get an extra premium?

After agreeing with the life insurance quotes offered by the insurance company, the insurance company will ask you to fill out a questionnaire application and may ask you to undergo a medical examination to determine your life expectancy. Results of the assessment will determine your life expectancy if you are a risk preferences, standard or substandard for people with age and gender. If you are below the standard risk, you will be charged an extra premium to reflect your chances of dying are higher than average. When you include the risks far below the standard, the application will be rejected or subject to an extra premium is very large.

Each insurance company has its own underwriting policies to classify anyone who has included risk under the standard and who default or preference. That is, if you are an extra premium by the company, you are not necessarily the same thing by another company. If you are an extra premium, the first step is to know the cause. Your insurance agent will usually explain things that cause you fall below the standard risk. When the cause is the factors that you can control, you can change your lifestyle and your health condition. For example, by quitting smoking, managing blood pressure and losing weight. It was not only reduce your premium, but more importantly also improves the quality of your health.

When you have improved your health condition, you can inform the insurance company to consider the decline premiums. The insurance company may lower premiums if you provide sufficient evidence of the improvement of the condition of your health. Extra premiums can also be removed or reduced after a certain period of time. For example, if you are an extra premium for just recovered from cancer, you can ask the insurance company to remove an extra premium after your five-year cancer-free. The risk of cancer recurrence decreased over time.

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